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The College of Arts and Sciences houses three distinct types of Academic Advisors for majors and supplemental advising for Health Professions. If you are interested in the Health Professions please see the Health Professions section. If you do not currently have a major and are interested in Health Professions, select Academic Counselors. If you have officially declared your major, you can select Departmental/Faculty Advisors for questions concerning your major. For all other degree requirements, select Academic Advisors.

Health Professions Advisors

The primary focus of these Academic Counselors is to provide students with supplemental advising regarding application to a graduate professional school in the health professions (such as medical school, dental school etc.) or transferring to an allied health program for programs that are not available at UNT (nursing, occupational therapy etc.)

The Health Professions Advisors assist students with appropriate major and minor selection, courses that meet pre-professional requirements, and applications and recommendations to graduate professional schools in the following fields:

  • Medicine (Medical and Physician Assistant Schools)
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Veterinary Science
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatry

Dr. Debrah Beck
Advises for: Juniors & Seniors interested in Medical, Dental, Veterinary Medicine, or Optometry; JAMP Students 
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Todd Lang
Advises for: Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic; Freshmen & Sophomores (all professions); Prospective Students
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Academic Advisors and Counselors for Arts & Sciences Majors

Academic Advisors/Counselors work in conjunction with Departmental or Faculty Advisors, Academic Advisors assist students with chosen majors in answering questions concerning General University, Core, and College of Arts and Sciences requirements. They are available to review official degree audits with students, perform graduation checks with students, and review all situations requiring Dean's Office Approval for Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Students (such as Concurrent Enrollment, Overload, and Pass/No Pass Course Option approvals). Arts and Sciences Academic Counselors are also the departmental advisors for Integrative Studies Studies and Social Science majors.

Academic Advisors and Majors are divided by the clusters/teams below. To set up an appointment with your Academic Advisor/Counselor please call (940) 565-2051.

Communication, Media and Performance Majors

  • Communication Studies
  • Converged Broadcast Media
  • Dance
  • Professional Technical Communication
  • Radio, Television and Film
  • Theatre

Laura Flowers (advises students with last names A-I)
Radio, TV, Film, and Performing Arts Building 262
(940) 565-2051

Esther Oppong (advises students with last names J-O)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Lisa Whitby (advises students with last names P-Z)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Email the Communication, Media and Performance Team -

Humanities Majors

  • English (concentrations - Creative Writing, Language Arts, Literature, & Writing and Rhetoric)
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • World Languages

Robin Gillespie (advises students with last names A-I)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Olivia Harris (advises students with last names J-O)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Rene Martinez (advises students with last names P-Z)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Email the Humanities Team -

Integrative Studies, General Studies and Social Science Majors

Kristin Ringe (advises students with last names A-E)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Laurie Carroll (advises students with last names F-L)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Dawn Oltman (advises students with last names M-R)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Missy Eenigenburg (advises students with last names S-Z)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Email the Integrative Studies/Social Science Major Team -

Mathematics and Science Majors

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Cytotechnology (concentration under Med. Lab Sciences)
  • Ecology for Environmental Science
  • Engineering Physics (this major is closed to new students)
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences (formerly Medical Technology)
  • Physics

Brandy Ellis (advises for Biochemistry, Biology, Cytotechnology and
Medical Laboratory Sciences majors only - all students)
Life Sciences Wing A room 128
(940) 565-2051

Hannah Evans (advises last names A-I)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Brian King (advises last names J-O)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Tanya Sanchez (advises last names P-Z)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

New Advisor Coming Soon
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Email the Math and Science Team -

Social Science Majors

  • Economics
  • International Studies (concentrations - International Security & Diplomacy, International Business & Economics, International Development and Humanitarian Afairs, Regional Studies, & Peace Studies)
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Geography

Jolesa Starks (advises for International Studies majors AND back up for all other Social Science majors)
GAB 470
(940) 565-2051

Nina Ditoro (advises Psychology majors only)
Terrill Hall 330
(940) 565-2051

KAS McConnell (advises all majors last names A-Z)
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Katie Jenkins
GAB 220 (advises all majors last names A-Z)
(940) 565-2051

 Email the Social Science Team -

Departmental/Faculty Advisors for Arts and Sciences Majors

Departmental/Faculty Advisors work in conjunction with Academic Advisors, mentoring students in their academic disciplines by helping them understand requirements in the major, career options with that major, and start the process for obtaining an official degree audit. Advisors for Special Programs such as Women's Studies are listed below the Departmental Advisors. To set up an appointment with your faculty advisor see the contact information below.

Biology Department Advising Office
Life Sciences Wing A room 128
(940) 565-3627

Biochemistry, Biology, Ecology for Environmental Science and Medical Laboratory Science/Cytotechnology Advisors

Mark Burleson and Jill Dewey 
Life Sciences Wing A room 128
(940) 565-3627

Chemistry Department
Chemistry 101
(940) 565-2713

Chemistry Student Services Office
Chemistry 207
(940) 565-3554

Chemistry Advisor

Guido Verbeck 
Chemistry Building 207
(940) 565-3554

Communication Studies Department
General Academic Building 320
(940) 565-2588

Communication Studies Advisors

Holley Vaughn (advises Freshmen, probation students, students chaning their major to Comm. Studies and Comm. Studies minor students)
General Academic Building 320F
(940) 565-3456

Joanna Lugo (advises Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)
General Academic Building 302
(940) 565-2588

Dance and Theater Department
Radio, TV, Film, and Performing Arts (RTFP) Building 242
(940) 565-2211

Dance and Theatre Advisor

Amanda Breaz 
Radio, TV, Film, and Performing Arts (RTFP) Building 242
(940) 369-7546

Economics Department
Hickory Hall 254
(940) 565-2573

Economics Advisors

Harry Ellis, Jr. 
Hickory Hall 283D
(940) 565-2246

Jiyoung Kwon 
Hickory Hall 283B
(940) 369-8376

English Department
Auditorium Building 112
(940) 565-2050

English Advisors

Patrice Lyke 
Auditorium Building 114
(940) 565-2107

Geography and the Environment Department
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 210
(940) 565-2091

Geography and the Environment Advisors

Paul Hudak 
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 310B

Kent McGregor 
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 310R
(940) 565-2380

History Department
Wooten Hall 225
(940) 565-2288

History Advisors

(Donald) Keith Mitchener 
Wooten Hall 228
(940) 565-4215

Debbie Liles 
Wooten Hall 229
(940) 565-4867

Graham Cox 
Wooten Hall 255
(940) 565-4526

International Studies
General Academic Building 470
(940) 565-2323

International Studies Advisors

Jolesa Starks (advises for International Studies majors) 
GAB 470
(940) 565-2323

Mathematics Department
General Academic Building 435
(940) 565-2155

Mathematics Advisors

Jianguo Liu 
GAB 471A
(940) 565-4703

John Quintanilla 
GAB 418D
(940) 565-4043

Huguette Tran (only advises for Actuarial Science Certificate) 
GAB 421
(940) 369-5954

Jennifer McDonald (Teach North Texas Math Advisor) 
Wooten Hall 337
(940) 565-3890

Media Arts Department
Radio, TV, Film, and Performing Arts (RTFP) Building 262
(940) 565-2537

Radio/Television/Film Advisors

Brenda Jaskulske 
RTFP 229
(940) 369-7838

Converged Broadcast Media Advisor

Phyllis Slocum 
(940) 565-2565

Philosophy and Religion Department
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 225
(940) 565-2266

Philosophy Advisors

Natassia Tyler 
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 225H
(940) 369-8017

Michael Thompson 
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building 320F
(940) 565-2266

Physics Department
Physics Building 110
(940) 565-2626

Physics Advisors

Vincent Lopes 
Physics 114
(940) 891-6859

Political Science Department
Wooten Hall 125
(940) 565-2276

Political Science Advisors

Eddie Meaders 
Wooten Hall 141

Pre-Law Advisors

Wendy Watson 
Wooten Hall 153
(940) 565-4413

Psychology Department
Terrill Hall 351
(940) 565-2671

Psychology Advisors

Advisors (Graduate Assistants to Faculty Advisor) 
Terrill 330
(940) 565-2671

Michael Barnett 
Terrill 330
(940) 565-2376

Sociology Department
Chilton Hall 390
(940) 565-2296

Sociology Advisors

Helen Potts
Chilton Hall 390H
(940) 565-7801

Spanish Department (in World Languages)
Language Building 101
(940) 565-2404

Spanish Advisor

Emily Thurman 
Language Building 403C
(940) 565-2582

Technical Communication Department
Auditorium Building 317
(940) 565-4458

Technical Communication Advisors

Lynn Bissett 
Auditorium Building 105D
(940) 565-4458

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department
Language Building 101
(940) 565-2404

World Languages Advisors

Emily Thurman 
Language Building 403C
(940) 565-2582

Special Programs Advisors

Aerospace Studies
Track & Field Bldg. 712 North Texas Blvd.
(940) 369-7116

Forensic Science
Chemistry Building 207B
(940) 369-8458
Teresa Golden -

Jewish Studies
General Academic Building 460
(940) 369-8926
Richard Golden -

Military Science
Wooten Hall 325, (940) 369-8011

Teach North Texas (Math & Science Teaching Program)
Wooten Hall 337, (940) 565-2265

Women's Studies
General Academic Building 467
(940) 565-2532
Sandra Spencer -

Office of Student Advising Leadership at the College of Arts & Sciences 

The Directors of the Advising Office are listed below with their area of specialization:

Mike McKay
Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Advising Technology 
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Julie Kirkland
Assistant Dean for Student Success 
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Susan Bullinger
Assistant Dean for Advising Services and Director for Integrative Studies 
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051

Jen Palcich, M.A., LPC
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 
GAB 220
(940) 565-2051