Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Social Science

Social Science Degree Requirements

In response to higher education's call for a renewed emphasis on the arts and sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Social Science.

This program is designed for interdisciplinary study in the social sciences. Its goal is to produce a liberally educated person who better understands and appreciates the history that embraces a diversity of cultural heritage, recognizes today's societal needs and individual responsibilities and has a vision for the future in responding to cultural, economic, political and technological changes.

By combining courses within the social sciences, the student has the unique opportunity to develop critical thinking skills within the vast context of social and human development.

Students interested in pursuing a Social Science major will fulfill all the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, which includes:

 Social Science majors complete all the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, including 120 semester hours (at least 30 must be taken at UNT), 42 advanced semester hours (24 advanced must be taken at UNT), all General University Requirements and all University Core and College of Arts and Sciences requirements .

 Instead of the traditional major/minor format, students will complete the following requirements:

  1. 48 hours in the social sciences, of which 24 hours must be advanced (12 advanced must be taken at UNT)
  2. Included in the 48 hours of social sciences are:
    1. 18 hrs in one field in the social sciences
    2. Plus 30 hours in at least two other fields in the social sciences


Social Science Fields

Anthropology, Economics Geography (regional science only), History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts major in Social Sciences are not required to complete a minor.

Teacher certification at the secondary education level is available through a variation of the above Social Science major. See Social Science/Social Studies with Teacher Certification.

Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences, Office of Student Advising, GAB 220, (940) 565-2051 for more information.