Legal Studies Certificate


15 hours of coursework

3.25 GPA for certificate coursework

3.0 cumulative UNT GPA.   

All recipients of the certificate MUST complete one course from each of the following five areas:

1.      Foundations

PSCI 3200 The American Legal Systems

CJUS 3210 Judicial and Legal Systems

2.       Analytical Reasoning

PHIL 2050 Introduction to Logic

ECON 4550 Law and Economics

COMM 3840 Argumentation and Debate

COMM 2140 Rhetoric and Argument

3.       Ethics

PHIL 3400 Ethics

BLAW 3430 Legal and Ethical Environment of  Business

CJUS 4250 Law and Social Problems

4.       Oral and Writen Advocacy

ENGL 3110 Intermediate Expository Writing

COMM 2040 Public Speaking

5.       Applied Legal Studies

PSCI 4200 Constitutional Law

PSCI 4210 Civil Liberties

PSCI 4230 Constitutional Rights of Criminal Defendants

COMM 4440 Issues in Freedom of Speech

BLAW 4450 Corporation Law

BLAW 4480 International Business Law

CJUS 3201 Criminal Law

 For more information contact the pre-law advisor