Legal Studies Certificate


A Legal Studies Certificate may be earned by students who have completed a concentration of academic work designed to prepare them for admission to and success in law school, regardless of major or minor at UNT.  The Department of Political Science will award the certificate to students who have completed 15 hours of approved coursework and maintained a 3.25 in the courses taken for the certificate as well as a 3.0 overall GPA.  Classes that count toward the student’s major, minor, or core requirements may also count toward this certificate.

All recipients of the certificate MUST complete

1.      Foundations

a.     PSCI 3200 The American Legal System

2.       Analytical Reasoning

a.     PHIL 2050 Introduction to Logic; or

b.     ECON 4550 Law and Economics

3.       Ethics

a.     PHIL 3400 Ethical Theory

4.       Writing

a.     ENGL 4160 Advanced Expository Writing

5.       Applied Legal Studies

a.     PSCI 4200 Constitutional Law: Discrimination and the Powers of Government;

b.     PSCI 4210 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties; or

c.      PSCI 4230 The Constitution and the Rights of Criminal Defendants.  

For more information contact the pre-law advisor