CAS Advisory Board

Our CAS Advisory Board provides guidance and support to CAS in our mission of transforming the lives of its students, advancing the boundaries of knowledge and supporting the economic development of Texas.

Our board members are accomplished professionals in government, business, education and the arts with a shared commitment to higher education and strengthening its role in benefiting society, advancing science and technology and contributing to economic development.

Advisory Board Members

  • Larry Brinkley
  • Debbie Brooks
  • Linda Creagh
  • T. Milton  Dickson
  • Mike Friedman
  • Denny Kalk
  • Charles Ku
  • Andrew Olivo
  • Karin Seligmann
  • Ed Thornton
  • Max Toy
  • Gabriella Zielke
  • George Dunham
  • Harry Eaddy
  • Linda Eaddy
  • Mark Miller
  • Raney LaSusa
  • Brant Deranger
  • Jim Wilson