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UNT Encourages Teens in Foster Care to Strive for College

Media Arts professors bring the teens' stories to life.

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“Ptydepe” Playwriting Competition is Sending UNT Student to Prague

Media Arts major wins big at playwriting contest

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Edges & Intersections Artnology Event Creates Scholarship

The Edges & Intersections annual art show features artists and startups who focus on the immersive to bring art to life. This year, ticket and art sales will endow a new Arts & Sciences scholarship at UNT.  

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CAS Alum Publishes Second Book

Aimie K. Ruyan obtained her M.A. in French at UNT and has since published two books stemming from her studies.

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UNT Biologists to Expand Pesticide Research

A group of UNT biologists receieved funding to research how pesticides affect Texas' quail populations and subsequent implications on human health.

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Media Arts Students Win Big

Students of the College of Arts and Sciences' Media Arts program took home awards at several events this month.

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