The College of Arts & Sciences became 2 new colleges on May 15th, 2017. This website may contain out of date information.

Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics students should visit the College of Science.

All other students should visit the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.



Participating in our democratic society and excelling in a dynamic, globalized workplace requires robust skills and broad knowledge. Spanning Biology to English to Political Science, the College of Arts & Science provides students the rich, wide-ranging experiences necessary to bring a complex, rapidly changing world into focus. CAS prepares its students to be the next generation of innovators, scholars, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.

Addressing complex global challenges and sustaining our country’s innovation economy requires strong public universities engaged in basic and applied research. CAS faculty and student teams produce high impact knowledge and discoveries that drive our economy and improve our quality of life.

North Texas is the fastest growing metropolitan area of the country. UNT must play a key role in the economic future of the region. Through its students and faculty, the College of Arts & Sciences provides the empowered workforce and novel ideas necessary to ensure the region’s competitive edge. CAS faculty prepare their students to think critically, communicate effectively and act purposefully.