The College of Arts & Sciences became 2 new colleges on May 15th, 2017. This website may contain out of date information.

Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics students should visit the College of Science.

All other students should visit the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

Interdisciplinary Programs

International Studies

Main Phone (940) 565-2323
Location General Academic Building 470 (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Emile Sahliyeh
Assistant Joanie Smith
Assistant Phone (940) 565-2323

Jewish and Israel Studies

Main Phone (940) 369-8926
Location General Academic Building 460 (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Richard Golden
Assistant Azia May
Assistant Phone (940) 369-8926

LGBT Studies

Main Phone (940) 369-5184
Location Terrill Hall
Chair/Director Mark Vosvick
Associated Department

Oral History

Main Phone (940) 565-4523
Location Willis Library 345 (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Todd Moye
Assistant Amy Hedrick
Assistant Phone (940) 565-2549
Associated Department

Teach North Texas

Main Phone (940) 565-2265
Location Wooten Hall 337 (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Ruthanne Thompson
Assistant Daniel Watson
Assistant Phone (940) 565-3675

UNT-Chile Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation

Main Phone (940) 369-8211
Location Environmental Education, Science & Technology Building 310A (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, Dr. James Kennedy

Women's and Gender Studies

Main Phone (940) 565-2098
Location General Academic Building 467 (view map)
Chair/Director Dr. Alicia Re Cruz
Assistant Jennifer Aglio
Assistant Phone (940) 565-2098