The College of Arts & Sciences became 2 new colleges on May 15th, 2017. This website may contain out of date information.

Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics students should visit the College of Science.

All other students should visit the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.


Latest News

UNT Visiting Writer Series

The Fall 2016 Visiting Writers' Series kicks off September 28th

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UNT Encourages Teens in Foster Care to Strive for College

Media Arts professors bring the teens' stories to life.

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“Ptydepe” Playwriting Competition is Sending UNT Student to Prague

Media Arts major wins big at playwriting contest

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Edges & Intersections Artnology Event Creates Scholarship

The Edges & Intersections annual art show features artists and startups who focus on the immersive to bring art to life. This year, ticket and art sales will endow a new Arts & Sciences scholarship at UNT.  

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CAS Alum Publishes Second Book

Aimie K. Ruyan obtained her M.A. in French at UNT and has since published two books stemming from her studies.

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UNT Biologists to Expand Pesticide Research

A group of UNT biologists receieved funding to research how pesticides affect Texas' quail populations and subsequent implications on human health.

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